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Election is a people involvement program in which people’s participation through voting is most important thing to elect any candidate.

To convey message about candidate’s and their agenda to the people, media is necessary.

In traditional way to convey message to the people having its own limitations and other complex procedure’s involvement such as it requires much manpower, cost and time as compared to social media campaign.

To overcome this problem the social media is key feature to convey message about candidate and their agenda to the maximum population of the society.

Now a days most people of the population aware about social media, to get advantages of it, we can easily spread message of the person to the society.

Involvement of Social media in election campaign is necessary, in growing digital world.

Social media has its own advantages, such as message in the form of digital form it can be audio, video, text or images or mixed form of data and it can be reach easily within very less time, to the people who have social media accounts or who have digital information provider platforms such as Smartphones, PC’s, Laptops, Television etc. with internet service providers.

We at Epolindia is providing the one stop solutions related to digital marketing solution of Election campaign throughout India.

 We are providing the all solutions of social media outreach through number of ways like

Optimization of networking through social medias platform: We create an ecosystem that leads to enhancement of followers through definite positioning of strategy at social media platforms. The contents are designed in such a way that will engage audience and followers.

Specified social media campaigning: As 21st century generation is going online and present views & ideology through social media. We at Epolindia spreads views among social media user by using filters like age group, location, gender, combination of values and thoughts, local interest, national interest. It is like a perfect targeting of agenda to wise audience.

Analytical research of social media and poll intelligence: In country like India where democracy is the power of population, people of state always analyzing the situation according to their political intelligence. Through the help of various tools and implementation of integrated system we provide the insights of mindset and thinking process of different age groups of particular population density. The behavioral and sentimental analysis of people through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You tube are the core focus area of our agency.


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